A Pause Makes A Difference In Your Exercise

When people think of working out, they automatically think of the results it will give you. Like how it’ll make you feel and look amazing. But sometimes, people forget that things do not always turn out the way they imagined it to. Or at least not right away. Rather it takes time to see your hard work to show results.
Aside from exercising and watching what you eat, there are not many other ways that will help you achieve your dream body. However, there’s a secret that’ll help you achieve quicker results when working out. And that secret is taking a pause while doing weights. It’s that simple! The key to using this secret effectively is knowing when to take that pause.
How to use the “Pause” secret in your next workout session
For every exercise, there is an up and down motion. To use the simple trick, you have to focus on the downward motion in your set.
For many people using weights, they often let the weight fall in the downward motion which doesn’t do them much good. Rather, people should lower the weight to the start position very slowly and when they reach the halfway point in the lowering process, take a pause for one count.
Why does this technique work?
Simply because you are now putting more effort, precision, and control into your muscles. Just taking that extra pause when you are lowering your weight allows you to work your muscles twice as much! It’s a great way to workout for better results.

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