Make Saturdays Your Workout Day

Are you a weekend warrior? The one fitting all of your recommended weekly exercise into one or two gym sessions? If you are then you’re doing something right. In fact, you’ll get relatively the same health benefits to someone who exercises multiple times throughout the week.
Experts suggest adults regularly exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. For some people though, life keeps them busy to perform the recommended exercise amount until time frees up for them, like on the weekend. With the new study, it’s okay to cram all your exercise on the weekend instead of spreading your workouts into several days a week. You can stay healthy this way as long as you are still meeting the recommended physical activity standard.
A study done in England and Scotland including both men and women, found that the “weekend warrior” adults have 40% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, 30% percent lower risk of death, and 18% lower risk of death from cancer compared to those who partook in zero exercise activity. These percentages reflect similar results to adults working out on a regular basis over a course of the week.
But don’t think you can exercise less because of these studies. Instead of working out 30 minute sessions, Weekend Warriors do vigorous exercises for around 75 minutes.
That is to say, limitations exist within the study itself. For example, over 90% of people participating in the study were white. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that the results will work for all people the same. The study aldo did not take into account one’s muscle strength, toning and flexibilitiy.
But taking a look at the results from the research, it is promising though if you can only exercise a couple times a week instead of several. The importance though is the positive effect exercise has on one’s health and body. Take for example, it reduces ones risk for heart disease, depression, diabetes, and cancer.
So if you’re free on Saturday, be sure to take the opportunity to hit the gym, especially if you are busy other days.

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