What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your New Year’s Resolution

It is now mid January and you’re probably just about or already feeling like giving up on your New Year’s Resolution to be more active or healthier. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one losing steam. In fact, January 17 can be known as “Ditch Your Resolutions” Day for many people.
But this year, you don’t have to quit. Instead, why don’t you change your mindset that will help you achieve your goal, or at least stay with it for a while longer. Follow these tips to increase your willpower to keep going!
1. Believe in your willpower and think of it as limitless
Past studies have identified willpower as being a fixed resource through a process, also known as “ego depletion” in psychology. It states that if you use your willpower to deny yourself a donut in the morning, you will have less willpower the next time you are faced with resisting or accepting something just as unhealthy, like a piece of cake.
New research however is clamining that willpower is an endless supply. Knowing that you have unlimited willpwer will allow you to reach your personal goals.
2. Up the stakes to your resolution by adding money
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Be more serious by getting money involved with your resolution. For example, every time you fail to achieve your 2017 resolution, say hitting up the gym more regularly, you donate money to a cause. Or you could do it that every time you work out, you donate to a cause of your choice. Whatever motivates you more.
3. Envision yourself in the future.
Young Woman Washing Her Face
It has been suggested that thinking of your future self plays an important role in your present life and how you live. By thinking about how you might feel in the future and/or how you life might be affected from your choices today, you will be more motivated to practice self control now.

4. Involve a friend
Study has proved that friends are a source of motivation for one to continue working towards your goal. Whether it’s working out together or competing against each other, by recruiting a friend to join your workouts will help you exercise more.
5. Change your resolution into something more attainable
Rather than being vague in your resolution, choose specific, concrete and attainable goals you can achieve and then work your way up to harder goals.
6. Reward yourself
Breakdown your long term goals into multiple short term goals and reward yourself every time you achieve a short term goal. Research has shown that immediate rewards help motivate you to continue working towards your long term goal.
7. Realize it’s never late if you want to make a change.
You don’t have to keep pushing yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Take a break if you want to. Change your goal if you changed your mind. Don’t wait for next year to try something again.

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