Don’t Be Misled By Distorted Photos on Social Media

Photos of one’s body can be misleading, so don’t think that what you see being posted on social media is the real deal.
Anna Victoria, a fitness blogger, proves the statement true when she shared two photos on Instagram depicting a photo of herself that seemingly makes her body appear lean next to another photo of herself sitting down in which her stomach rolls are apparent.
She captions the photo ““Me 1% of the time vs. 99% of the time,” while adding “And I love both photos equally. Good or bad angles don’t change your worth.”
This instagram post from Victoria is the latest to prove the idea that so-called perfect bodies on instagram don’t exactly match up with reality. Rather, the work of these fit bodies found on instagram are the results of good angles and lighting.
With her post, Victoria urges her followers to rething what we often believe are body “flaws” and instead to be happy with how we look and feel.

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