Make Exercise Fun For Your Kids With These Fitness Trackers

Being healthy and fit is something most people consider important. This also goes for children who are always partaking in physical and non-physical activities.
For some children, it’s easy for them to constantly be active on a daily basis. Others, well let’s just say they need more motivation. To instill a healthy lifestyle early into children’s lives includes setting targets and creating incentives to be healthy and fit. By creating interest in exercise for children, parents should use fitness trackers to entice kids to be active.
Listed below are some recommended fitness trackers for children.
1. Garmin VĂ­vofit Jr.
Not only does this technology work, but it’s stylish and sturdy! Being water resistant, kids can wear this into the pool without worrying about it getting damaged. Designed with kids in mind, this band is easy to wear as it slipped on and off a child’s wrist. It also comes in array of fun desings.
Through this fitness stracker, parents can download the companion app and track their child’s progress.
As for the incentive for kids to be active, the Vivofit Jr allows virtual currency to be earned once a child completes the daily task.
Currently priced at $79.99, the Vivofit Jr can be purchased online through the company’s store. The recommended age of children for this product is 4 years plus.
2. Nabi Compete
This fitness tracker is packed with extra fun to keep children actively engaged in being fit and healthy. For example, children can challenge friends and family members throught activity challenges, like selecting a distance goal or a food goal.
The device also works in team play by allowing children to complete a team goal and partake in virtual marathons. Not only will this make exercising fun, but it also has an educational factor as it will teach kids the process of burning calories.
Priced at $39.99 the Nabi Complete also has Barbie and Hot Wheels themed trackers priced at $29.99. This product is most suitable for children 6 years plus.
3. LeapFrog LeapBand
The LeapFrog LeapBand is a bit different from the other two products. For one, its appearance is more attractive to children. This product is most suitable for children between the ages of four to seven.
Althought it is a bit bulky and its display small, the product includes lots of amazing features for users. For example, it can directly track a child’s fitness progress without the need of an app.
Another feature is an animal theme that assigns childrens active tasks like walking a pet.
At an affordable cost, the LeapBand is available for $29.99 in three colours.

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