Scarlett Johansson to Divorce From Romain Dauriac

Following a couple of months after the pair have split, things have been made official as Scarlett Johansson has filed for divorce.
After Johansson was married to journalist Romain Dauriac for two years, the actress has declared that their relationship is beyond repair and looks to sue Dauriac for custody of their daughter Rose.

According to the attorney of Dauriac, it is a battle that he’s not looking to give up anytime soon, going on to say that “Romaine wishes to move back to France and plans on taking his daughter Rose with him.”
Johansson and Dauriac wed back in 2014 after they welcomed their daughter Rose into the world.

This isn’t the first time the Hollywood celebrity has filed for divorce, as previously she was married to actor Ryan Reynolds for a brief period. The pair split in 2011.

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